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Paula Acheson

Posted on August 06 2015

I have always found it hard to commit to purchasing a good strapless bra.   They are not sexy, rarely comfortable and can be an “investment”.

But as mum always says every great outfit starts with good undergarments, so last week with the deadline of a looming event I did the mad dash with two year old in toe in search of the ultimate underwire!

Now is a good time to buy, before all the amazing spring deliveries arrive and there are so many other things I would prefer to purchase.

The truth is you will probably wear that ugly little thing more than most items this season. There are so many beautiful strapless/off –the-shoulder/low-cut tops and dresses.

I found three go to options depending on the outfit, event  or my mood. There are days when I just could not bear dealing with an underwire!

Option A

Classic Supportive lady like

I have owned Fine Lines bras for about 10 years and it is a brand we always recommend instore. The line is good and the design makes wearing strapless bearable for periods of time. I initially grabbed and bought the size I have been forever, it wasn’t until I tried it on at home I realised it was the wrong size. If you can find someone on the floor to help fit properly I suggest you go with it. This will be my most worn underwire bra. I particularly like the low front. Last time I bought fine lines the cost was closer to $80 so was pleasantly surprised. Petrol top $189 Fine lines bra $49.95.

Option B

Extra cup push-up....vavavoom/get the girls out!

For some occasions I want to pump up the bustline. This has a great look but not for a long stint! To achieve the gravity defining look the design requires firm fit through the back. Perfect under a sexy top and has quite a plunging front so will work with low-cut shoestring strap. Piper Lane bustier $119.95 Target bra $35.

Option C

The flesh bandeau ...relaxed understated or holiday mode

When you can’t go bra less but could not deal with a bra opt for the bandeau. This has soft fabric moulded cups, but very little support. The line is not great unless you are blessed with a pert bust.     I would wear under a floaty top, firm fitting maxi or garment with low cut arm holes. I would also put Option A under the bandeau for extra support. Petrol top $179 Target bandeau $7.

I am sure there are some other incredible strapless bras on the market for varying cup sizes. These were purchased in less than hour with no expert fitting advice, with children in the change room, in a shopping centre! All in all a practical not pleasurable shopping experience. Please share your favourites so when I need a black strapless in the next few weeks I can try something new!

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