September 12, 2015

Twice this week women came in and said “help I have put on weight, nothing fits and I need an outfit” to wear to said occasion.

Yes it can be tough trying on clothes when your body has changed and can be a bit depressing. But feeling the clothes on your body can act as a good wakeup to make some changes you need to feel the way you want too.

We try our best to find a confidence boosting, figure flattering appropriate outfit to get you through the event, depending on our clients’ openness to wear different silhouettes. Sometimes we want to wear what we wore before the extra kgs and this does not work.

Do not send a selfie to friend/husband/sister/cousin/aunty/frenemy with your gym hair pulled back without any makeup in the best option! Of course they are going to say no.

Please don't be too critical and waste time hating yourself, life is too short and precious. Set a realistic goal and make a plan for the lifestyle change. In the meantime there are simple things to boost your confidence with hair, make-up, attitude and a TAN!

Years ago on a trip to Byron bay I read some graffiti on the back of the toilet door at the Pass that resonated with me:


While this statement is not entirely fact the truth is we often feel and look better with a little colour!

Gone are the days of natural tanning most of us prefer to tan from a bottle.

At the start of spring I undertook serious hair removal , skin brushed put on some disposable gloves and applied last summers fav St Tropez express tan. According to the label you apply 1 hour for light, 2 hours for medium and 3 hours for dark. The busy day progressed it was closer to 7 hours before I removed the tan.  

Realising it is not my forte I consulted the tanning specialists at Lush Tan Beauty for their insider knowledge.

Here are some of their tips:

  • Preparation is key to a long lasting tan. Hair removal should be done 24 hours before a tan. Exfoliate with a mit at least 12 hours before the tan
  • Prior to tan do not apply moisturiser, deodorant or perfume
  • Wear loose fitting clothes after tan has been applied
  • Wash off after specified time
  • To protect tan start moisturising day and night 12 hours after tan has been applied
  • Consider a tan extender

All beauty regimes are marketed at  varying skin types, so it seems logical it would also apply to the tan you choose.  Something I had never really considered, is the right colour and product for the age and quality of my skin. Which actually makes sense as choosing the right colour is paramount.  I wish they put that on the bottle!

DIY tan recommendations for all skin types are Loving tan and St Tropez.   Bondi Sands is also excellent for more youthful skin.

Fairer skin tones work better with medium to medium dark colours. Remembering the darker you go it can be patchy coming off. Darker skin tones don’t need to go as dark as the skin picks up the pigment.

For a professional spray tan Lush Tan Beauty offer 10 different types of spray tan. The professional tanners can help you select the best colour! Our model received a complimentary tan from Lush Tan Beauty at New Farm.

What are your favourite tanning products and salons? Please share some tips to achieve the ultimate tan so we can all avoid streaks, patchy ankles and citrus tones this summer. xxx

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