domestic goddess

Sonia Gold Dooney

Posted on December 28 2015

domestic goddess

Earlier this season we put together a photo shoot, the first in a series called domestic goddess.

There are so many amazing women that come into our store and we help them put together incredible outfits. These outfits are put in a bag and we never see them again (except for an occasional tag on Instagram).

We often wonder how they turned out! Where were they worn? Dream of the setting in which they appeared. Did the clothes achieve the desired impact?

Our Summer 2015 fantasy was to create the looks in the settings we imagined they would be worn at home. The day to day outfits required in a beautiful designer home and life.

Our stunning and highly intelligent muse Margot is an absolutely beautiful girl inside and out. So when she admitted while striking a pose that she had never cleaned the pool or had difficultly imagining what would be cooking in the blue cast iron pot we all had a little chuckle.

As nana always said,” You can’t be good at everything”. Xxx

A special thank you to the owners of the home featured, who allowed our crew to shoot early Saturday morning. Every corner was like the pages of Vogue Living!

Outfits: Paula Acheson and Sonia Gold Dooney; Styling: Sonia Gold Dooney
Photographer: Isabel Stanfield; Hair and makeup: Rehbein Hair and Makeup

Guess who is coming to dinner

Who needs a pool boy?

Watering the garden

date night

Behind  the scenes


on  the deck


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